Preserve your jewellery’s beauty, shine and durability

Oliver & Myles jewellery are made with the highest levels of care and integrity to last a lifetime. We take pride in our bespoke craftsmanship of our solid gold jewellery, making them last for many years to come. They are durable, versatile and suitable for everyday wear.

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Day-to-day care

To maintain their shine and keep them looking prestine, avoid chemicals from coming into contact with your jewellery such as perfumes, cosmetic products, household cleaning products, chlorine and bleach.

A good rule of thumb is to put your jewellery on last after makeup, perfume, sunscreen etc. before you leave home, and take it off first thing when you get home.

Cleaning your jewellery

Gently clean your jewellery with warm water and gentle soap to remove any grims, oil and dirt that prevents your jewellery from looking sparkling. Use a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt and then rinse thoroughly in clean warm water. If dirt persists, carry out the same process in clean water. Rinse, blot dry your jewellery completely using a soft lint free cloth before storing.

Storing your jewellery

To maintain the appearance of your jewellery and to reduce scratching, we recommend that you store your jewellery in its Oliver & Myles pouch for safekeeping. Store each piece individually to avoid tangling and scratching.

When should I remove my jewellery?

We suggest removing your jewellery for bed, swimming, showering, and any other activity that may affect the integrity of your piece. If you prefer to keep your jewellery on, it is important to stay on top of routine maintenance! Take them off before doing any exercise or physical activity to keep them away from extra knocks and sweat. Do not wear them while sleeping to avoid accidental damage. Please keep in mind, solid gold is durable but malleable, and scratches are to be expected with time and wear!